Artist Statement

For Fionn’s finished piece, he wanted to try to do something deeply personal. His grandfather passed away in March of 2023, and whom meant a great deal to him and his life. Fionn’s grandfather grew gigantic sunflowers, which are a central motif in his final piece. To Fionn, a sunflower will always be his way of seeing his grandfather, alive and breathing, shining in the sun as he did in life.

Fionn wants to get across the love and life that his grandfather has left behind through a video piece as a way of showing that despite his grandfather no longer being with him, he still shines on through Fionn’s memory and the memories of the people he lived his life with.

Fionn Macgabhann is a visual artist based in Co. Wexford. His chosen mediums are drawing and video animation.

'First View' - Garter Lane

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