Artist Statement

The jumping off point for this work has been our contemporary social conditioning of distracted or fragmented looking. Katie’s work examines and presents the viewer with an installation that looks at how our attention spans are now geared towards entertainment media often in moments where the news might be bombarding us with depressing things that are more serious. The repetitive nature of how we are exposed to information about the topics is overwhelming to the point of us almost becoming desensitized to them. 

Within the installation, three main pieces are visually interconnected. The viewer is invited into the domestic setting to sit and ponder the images within the TV screen, which offers a glimpse of the contractions often at play within our daily viewing. The viewer becomes an unexpected participate within the performative element of the work becoming aware of their choice of looking through the projected image which documents the artist looking at looking.

 Katie Condon is an artist based in Waterford. 

'First View' - Garter Lane

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