Artist Statement

Sammy Kane is a painter who works in oils and strives to capture moments of powerful intimate emotion on the canvas through portraiture. He has focused on learning traditional techniques, from constructing his own canvas stretchers to developing a skillset of classical and academic methods of painting. His motivations come from the drive to improve his skills as a painter and to use these skills to create paintings that invoke joy in the audience. Portrait artists such as Sarah Purser and Cecelia Beaux influence him.

His process begins with photographing the chosen model after spending time with them to understand their true expressions and mannerisms as a way of capturing a more genuine moment. He uses a detailed under-drawing followed by layers of grey paint (grisaille) to build up a strong tonal study and finishes with many layers of translucent and opaque colours (glazes) over the grey layer to finally bring them to life with colour and vitality.

Sammy Kane is an artist based in County Kilkenny. He works mainly in oil paints and focuses on portraiture. More information can be found on Instagram @sammykane_art.

'First View' - Garter Lane

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