Artist Statement

Through her artwork, Shauna expresses her macabre curiosity for bodily functions. How one’s internal organs and nervous system can be humorously examined to reveal all manner of uncomfortable things, and how the viewer can become conscious of their own body viewing experience.

Shauna’s exhibit features sculptures as well as drawings with surfaces that are heavily influenced by colour. The use of pastel and dreamy colours is an unsettling attempt to make the repulsive tolerable. The paint’s ooziness and the residual stains on the surfaces left behind as eerie reminders of a past incident.

Shauna also plays with the idea of personal identifying items that sit outside ones body , normally on the skin but now depicted encasing around the organs.

Shauna Bolger Farrell is an artist based in Waterford City. More information about her work can be found @_da_funk_0

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