Artist Statement

This body of work explores her home life through the lens of observing her family. She does this through a playful use of colour, often taking domestic objects and scenes of what could be considered the mundane, to make visual connections between the relationships of her painted characters/family. Sophie’s work celebrates the happiness and comfort she feels while at home, offering the viewer a glimpse into her unique experience.

As part of this body of work, Sophie has been documenting through drawing her daily pursuits as a method of collecting information in a journal type activity. These drawings form the basis of the installation, presented here as a wallpaper motif that conjures and acts as visual representation of the everyday.

Sophie Harold is a Visual Artist based in Kilkenny. Studied at Ormonde College of Further Education, Kilkenny from 2018-2020. Achieving a certificate in both Level 5 and Level 6 Fine Art. More information about her work can be found on Instagram, @s0phiesart

'First View' - Garter Lane

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