Artist Statement

This series of work takes as its starting point Fiona’s keen interest in the sustainability of our native wildlife birds. The works presented here seek to make visible the hidden cost of climate impacts on our native breeding sea birds. The motif of the puffin, embraced from early childhood as a reading favourite, represents the more complex global issues that face all sea and wild bird populations. 

Fiona’s process involves a very time consuming method of collecting imagery and information, and then loosely abstracting the content in contrast with the definitive form of the stencil silhouette made on canvas. In this body of work, she presents book sleeves as an imaginary series of self-help books for Puffins based on classic and modern Penguin Publications; this conceptual way of presenting data aims to highlight the Atlantic Puffin’s red listed conservation status and the endangered impact this has on native Irish Puffin’s. 

Fiona O’Connor is a visual artist based in Laois.

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